Last week I watched a couple of videos on my hometown, Atlanta.  The first was a series of mostly black-and-white photographs showing the old Atlanta as compared to the newer Atlanta.  I was not surprised that I was able to recognize both the old and the new.  Some of the pictures were not as new as others.  However, most all the new ones were after 1968 when I moved away from the city.  I remember riding on the electric street cars down Peachtree Street in the downtown.  I was very young.  In San Francisco they have one of the Atlanta Railroad cars on the “F” Line.  I have seen it, but don’t think I have ridden on that particular car.

The second video is a tourist video meant to acquaint a visitor with the many areas of Atlanta and what to see in those areas.  I must admit, even though I have been in each of the areas at one time  or another, I did not recognize what they look like today.  I wish, however, the makers of this video had mentioned the colleges and universities in the city: Ga. Tech, Ga. State, Agnes Scott, Emory, etc.  They are world class institutions and a big part of the city.  The Varsity, the drive-in restaurant they mention, was founded by a Tech drop-out.  It is located about two blocks from the campus.    Atlanta has grown up a lot since 1968.